The purpose of the Inform section is to develop your awareness of the key definitions, concepts and frameworks used in relation to improving and assuring quality of Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) services. Regardless of your existing knowledge level, you will be presented with opportunities to refresh what you already know and dive deeper into the emerging evidence base. This will help you be better equipped to make the strategic case for prioritising the quality of MNH services from different policy, programme and evidence perspectives in your context.

What you can expect

Inform is made up of four main sections, A to D, and a separate introduction:

Section A – What can we tell about the global situation of MNH ill-health, based on the key indicators used and the data available?
Section B – What do we mean when we talk about ‘quality’ in the context of MNH? How do we get to grips with an idea that has many interpretations and is important at a range of levels?
Section C – What does ‘quality improvement’ mean and which strategies are available to achieve it? How do we appraise evidence required for judging interventions that aim to improve quality?
Section D – What approaches, indicators and data sources can we use to capture and measure quality in MNH in LMIC? What are the main challenges involved?

We encourage you to begin with the brief introduction to ‘Why Quality Matters’ and then to work sequentially through the four sections, A to D. However, you can go directly to any of the pages through the menu on the right-hand side of this page. Click the triangular bullets to expand the section list.

As you move through the resource, you will be prompted to reflect on key concepts and explore relevant resources and materials.

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