About the team

For up-to-date resources on the Quality of Maternal and Newborn Services, please visit the main HEART website, which also includes resources on Nutrition, Health, WASH, Social Protection and Education.

This resource has been collaboratively produced by members of the HEART PEAKS consortium in collaboration with colleagues in the UK Department for International Development (DfID), and beyond.

For their expert subject advice, design, content creation, and editing work – thanks go to Julia Hussein, Lovney Kanguru and Wendy Graham at Immpact, at the University of Aberdeen; and to independent consultants Marilyn McDonaugh and Sue Newport.

For their efforts in relation to the design, development, hosting and systems support for the web-based platform – thanks go to Sandra Baxter and her team at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).

For their lead on the instructional design and learner-centred approach to the structure, presentation and delivery of the package – thanks go to Natalie Jeffers and her team at Matters of the Earth.

For their helpful advice, support and feedback to shape and refine the package – thanks go to Lizzie Smith and her team, with special mention of Meena Gandhi and Ruth Lawson.

For your enthusiasm, patience, engagement and feedback – thanks go to the Health Advisers who opted-in to using this resource.

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