QI in action

Since its launch in June 2015, HEART has sent a number of email updates to DFID staff. In part the objective has been to respond in more depth to requests from colleagues, but it also helps to keep the content of this learning resource up-to-date. The content of each message is represented within the Learning Resource itself. See titles, below

Email updates to-date

Tackling challenges relating to disrespect and abuse in MNH services – July 2015

Why does the increasing focus on provision of respectful maternity care (RMC) matter? How does the attitude and behaviour of health workers impact on maternal health outcomes?

Measuring ‘hard-to-capture’ aspects of quality of care – September 2015

Why is measuring all the aspects of quality of care so challenging? Why do the majority of indicators to-date measure adherence to guidelines or instances of contact with the health system rather than content? What do recent developments offer for MNH services seeking to measure quality where this is ‘hard-to-capture’?

Overcoming challenges to access and effective use of life-saving commodities – October 2015

It is estimated that expanded access to and correct use of 13 priority life-saving commodities could prevent 6 million women and children dying by 2017. What are the main challenges of making these commodities available?

Future themes for email updates

Maternal Mental Health (MMH) – May 2016;
Performance-based incentives – June 2016;
TBC – July 2016

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