Key messages for users

In order to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and improve the quality of Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) services in all its dimensions stakeholders involved must be sensitive to the issues, evidence and debates related to best practice approaches.

This package, originally designed for DFID Health Advisers, should be useful for a broad range of actors (in settings ranging from community, clinical, facility management and programme / policy environments).

It provides an outline of a number of key concepts, challenges and responses. Some critical considerations include:

  • Addressing barriers to equitable access to quality services for pregnant women and their babies.
  • Implementing interventions for quality improvement, based on evidence.
  • Developing a supportive environment for action.
  • Embedding sustainable approaches to ensuring quality into systems and processes.
  • Identifying ways to assess and capture the effects of quality improvement initiatives.

This learning resource is going to help you:

  • Better understand the current evidence base and the implications for your practice.
  • Review programme approaches and tools to improve the quality of MNH services.
  • Understand the dimensions of quality.
  • Use a health systems framework to frame a quality improvement programme.
  • Apply global health principles to make the case for quality improvement in MNH.


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