To compliment the content of this learning resource HEART has convened a series of seminar events during 2015. The purpose of these has been to contribute to processes of shared learning within the cadre and to use external expertise to stimulate debate about how organisations, such as DFID, invest in achieving quality outcomes in MNH.

Events to-date

We’ve produced multimedia recordings of events, summarised the key messages and documented QnA discussion sessions.

Financial Strategies for Quality Improvement – Professor Ayesha de Costa

22nd July, 2015

Do popular financial strategies for quality improvement, such as performance based pay approaches, encourage effective clinical decision making and quality services or instead foster a system that rewards ‘patterns of behaviour’ among providers? How should we view them, given there has been little research into the effectiveness of provider incentives in improving the quality of care provided?

This seminar, held on 22 July 2015, provided the opportunity to explore financial strategies for quality improvement in more depth. Our guest speaker, Professor Ayesha De Costa, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, delivered a presentation titled “Paying private obstetricians to provide emergency obstetric care to poor women: The Chiranjeevi Yojana public private partnership Program in India”.  Find out more…

WASH and MNH – Professor Wendy Graham

30th September, 2015

Why does the interface between the enabling environment of health facilities [the hardware] and the behaviour of providers [the software] matter, for example in relation to WASH on maternity units? This seminar will share insights about how focused lesson-learning from specific aspects of maternity services, such as WASH, can complement broad systems approaches to tackle the significant weaknesses across the multiple dimensions of quality that persist in many low-income country settings.

This seminar, held on 30th September, highlighted the opportunity for convergence of WASH and MNH agendas to have a major impact on improving quality. Our guest speaker, Wendy J Graham is Professor of Obstetric Epidemiology at the University of Aberdeen, delivered a presentation called ‘How clean are your hands? The hardware & the software of quality care’. Find out more…

Auditing for Quality Improvement – Professor Nynke van den Broek and Dr Charles Ameh

28th October, 2015

Why are auditing practices important for realising Quality Improvement in maternal and newborn health services? In particular, what is the role for standards-based LSTM CMNH, using case-study material from Kenya.

Our guest speakers for this seminar, held at DFID Whitehall, on 28th October 2015, were Professor Nynke van den Broek and Dr Charles Ameh (Director and Deputy Director) of the Centre for Maternal and Newborn Health (CMNH) at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Find out more…

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